TK1 – Tecartherapy

TK1 is an electromedical device for tecar therapy that guarantees high portability without sacrificing the power required for treatments.

Imagine a Tecartherapy that can be transformed to suit your needs, which may vary frequencies and waveforms, and from time to time be a different product, with extraordinary systems for the safety of the patient and the operator.

Physical characteristics

  • Very limited size (36 x 26 x 5 cm, weight 5.2 Kg) more or less like a book
  • 12/10 stainless steel case, shock resistant and for the complete shielding from electromagnetic waves
  • Absolutely Silent, with 7 vents controlled by a microprocessor
  • 7 electrodes of different size
  • 3 Resistive electrodes with quick coupling made of steel
  • 4 capacitive electrodes with quick coupling made of aluminum, coated with biocompatible titanium alloy type of prosthesis and therefore resistant to falls.
  • Magnetic electrodes case that suits exactly the surface of the TK1
  • 2 plates of dispersion
  • 1 optional medium size
  • 1 large size
  • 2 Carrying bags
  • 1 black fabric for the transport of the complete Tecar
  • 1 optional eco-leather allowing both the transport as a backpack and immediate use with the machine still inserted, by simplifying and speeding up the start of the treatment
  • Optional four-wheel cart as standard with shelves
  • Optional design cart with three wheels and two shelves, particularly suitable for studies

Check in real time the transfer of energy based on impedance, do treatments in the acute phase while minimizing the thermal effect, maintaining a current passage tissue. Two safety systems for the thermal control, one for the frequency stabilization, one for the high current on the patient.

Touch display with the ability to change the background, a joystick for when your hands are full of cream and easily control the settings. Two separate outputs for capacitive and resistive, with the possibility of using the innovative honeycomb electrodes.

Easily transportable with a leather bag from which it is not necessary to remove the treatment and study changes in dress, old style space with a cart drawn by a famous Canadian designer.

You must be thinking that this Tecartherapy just missing the word! Yes, an entry will support you in all phases of the treatment to minimize the risk of error and to obtain the maximum results.


Electronic characteristics

  • Voice synthesis for support in all phases of treatment in order to obtain the best results and reduce at the minimum the risk of error.
  • A Class Amplifier to generate the purest form of a sinusoidal wave
  • Maximum power available 600w. Effective Maximum Power 150 watts
  • Two setup modes for the commands:
    • Touch Screen with a display of all parameters
    • Joystick, very handy, especially with cream dirty hands (unique on the Italian market)
  • Two waveforms
    • Sinusoidal
    • Square
  • Two operating frequencies:
    • 485 KHz
    • 1 MHz
  • Two modes:
    • Standard
    • Athermal (real-athermal, emission 250 ms, 750 ms zero signal)
  • Two Channels, resistive and capacitive, physically separated with two different connectors In addition to the plate, with different maximum voltages (real capacitive mode)
  • Measure and display in any moment of:
    • Voltage required in the form of red movable bar
    • Absorbed power by the patient in form of a yellow movable bar
    • Impedance through number display
    • Real absorbed power through number display
    • Dedicated microprocessor for control of current, then absolute protection against electrical discharges both towards the patient and the operator in any situation.

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